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Empowering Sustainable Living: A Guide to Climate-Conscious Events and Daily Actions

In the journey towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world, the power of community-driven events and individual actions plays a pivotal role. These initiatives serve not only to raise awareness about the pressing issue of global warming but also to empower and inspire individuals to take meaningful steps toward reducing their ecological footprints. This blog post explores the significance of direct action climate events and daily sustainable practices, offering insights into how each of us can contribute to a healthier planet through our collective and individual efforts.

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If Earth gets sick, so do you

A hotter world is likely to be a sicker world.
Earth’s growing fever has obvious repercussions for human health, like heatwaves that are hotter than our physiology can tolerate. Humanity’s departure from the stable climate it inherited will yield surprises, too, though. Some of those may be existing diseases appearing in new places or spreading with greater ferocity. And some, experts fear, may be new diseases entirely.

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Remote working: how a surge in digital nomads is pricing out local communities around the world

For eight years I have studied digital nomadism, the millenial trend for working remotely from anywhere around the world. I am often asked if it is driving gentrification.
Before COVID upended the way we work, I would usually tell journalists that the numbers were too small for a definitive answer. Most digital nomads were travelling and working illegally on tourist visas. It was a niche phenomenon.
Three years into the pandemic, however, I am no longer sure…

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‘Back To My Childhood’: Kerala Man Turned a Barren Mining Site Into a Forest With Mud Homestays

Mustafa P A converted a 5.5-acre barren mining site into Greenara Homestay, a green oasis with thousands of trees, man-made ponds, and mud cottages.
In 2016, Mustafa P A embarked on a journey which is not everyone’s cup of tea. He purchased a barren land which was once a mining site to transform it into a green oasis with trees, tropical forests and water bodies…..

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Leading The Net Zero Charge: Through ambitious targets, innovations, and collaborations, India is setting a benchmark for a sustainable future

Over the last decade, the climate change crisis has intensified, marked by unprecedented temperature increases leading to more frequent and severe extreme weather events. Unseasonal heat waves, flash floods, cloud bursts, intense thunderstorms, and cyclones have become alarmingly common, underscoring the urgent need for global climate action. Climate change is a pervasive global phenomenon that affects all aspects of life.

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Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley – where air pollution often obscures views of the Himalayan peaks (Image: Frank Bienewald/ Alamy)

A united South Asia can beat air pollution

At a recent meeting for the launch of a new World Bank report on air pollution, held in Kathmandu, Pema Gyamtsho, director general of ICIMOD, asked by a show of hands how many people in the room actually saw the peak of Mount Everest on their way to Nepal’s capital.

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A large-scale battery storage system in Long Beach, Calif., provides renewable electricity during peak demand periods. Patrick T. Fallon/AFP via Getty Images

What is a virtual power plant? An energy expert explains

Matthew Cherisch, University of the Witwatersrand As Africa gets hotter, mothers and babies are most at risk. Why is this and what can be done about it? Matthew Chersich, a specialist in climate change and maternal health, explains the reasons to health editor Nadine Dreyer. What makes pregnant women particularly vulnerable

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