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Leading The Net Zero Charge: Through ambitious targets, innovations, and collaborations, India is setting a benchmark for a sustainable future

Over the last decade, the climate change crisis has intensified, marked by unprecedented temperature increases leading to more frequent and severe extreme weather events. Unseasonal heat waves, flash floods, cloud bursts, intense thunderstorms, and cyclones have become alarmingly common, underscoring the urgent need for global climate action. Climate change is a pervasive global phenomenon that affects all aspects of life.

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If we want to better understand the climate-regulating role of Earth’s oceans, we must increase the effort we put into observing them, with a focus on our planet’s largest heat sink, the Southern Ocean.

Climate change and adaptive water management: innovative solutions from the global south

Climate change is one of the most pressing threats to sustainable development across the globe. The Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC, 2014) notes that 93% of the impacts associated with climate change will be felt in the water sector. Climate change is already altering precipitation patterns and snowmelt, impacting the frequency and magnitude of floods and droughts, and contributing to more extreme weather events and wildfires globally.

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